About Me

Adventurer, traveller, and all around nomad. My name is Erika Marty and I am a young professional who decided living and working in a box wasn't going to work for me. I travel the world moving from country to country discovering new cultures, exploring exotic locations, and finding myself somewhere new. It is more than traveling, but rather a lifestyle of exploration, adventure, and learning. Join me and thousands of other individuals who decided to wander, get lost, and find their independence! Check out my own personal adventures in the blog section, the destinations tab for travel guides and advice, and join a community of thousands of other like-minded nomads who through travel always find themselves somewhere.


I am lucky enough to call South Lake Tahoe, California my home. Home is a hard concept for me these days, having called many cities all over the world home which is still an ever evolving process. The hard thing about travel and living abroad is that home becomes so many places. For me, I've come to regard home as where my soul is. And so home will always be Tahoe, but now also the many places I lay down roots, even if only for year.


Growing up in California with immigrant parents (my mom from Guatemala and my dad from Switzerland) has given me a unique cultural background. I epitomize the laid back California lifestyle, but also have the stubborn hardworking attitude and passionate drive from my Swiss and Guatemalan heritage. I speak both Spanish and German fluently and am working on learning Thai and Italian.