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How To Discover Paradise and Work Abroad Without a Visa

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Thanks to little known treaties, Americans can live and work abroad in paradise without the burden of getting a visa.  Take a short break from reality for one year, or stay forever. Discover the island nations and winter wonderlands where you can live and work abroad without a visa!

During the period following World War II, the United States entered into agreements with a variety of island paradises. These treaties offer protection in exchange for allowing military bases and operations on their territories.  Now, several decades later, these treaties allow Americans to live and work abroad in these picturesque vacation destinations without the burden of applying for permanent residency or work visas.

Compact of Free Association:

The Compact of Free Association is the largest of these treaties, allowing Americans to work abroad on gorgeous shores.  Work just as you would back home on your choice of the following paradises.

Work Abroad

Marshall Islands:

The Marshall Islands allow Americans to live for an unlimited period of time while maintaining employment.  Located in the Pacific ocean between the Philippines and Hawaii, you can explore world class wreck dives of World War II ships.  Next, check out the extensive marine life on the coral reef at Kalalin Pass. With English as an official language and the US dollar as the main currency, moving is simple. Ditch the suit and tie and enjoy the informal business attire typical across the atoll.

Commonwealth of Northern Marianas:

Located in Oceania with a tropical marine climate, you can enjoy sunshine year round with low seasonal variation. The official language being English, Japanese and Chamorro are also widely spoken making it a unique opportunity for foreigners. Relying heavily on tourism, particularly form Japan, this island features employment opportunities in the hospitality and tourism industry. With a lower cost of living than both the Marshall Islands and Micronesia, the Northern Marianas feature food, recreation and clothing costs on average or slightly cheaper in comparison to the USA.

Work Abroad

Federated States of Micronesia:

Known teasingly as America’s most beautiful island that nobody knows about, Micronesia allows Americans to live and work here for an unlimited amount of time.  Micronesia is strategically located in the North Pacific Ocean east of the Philippines and north of Papua New Guinea.  Accordingly, this island offers easy getaway options in case you need a vacation from the small town island life. Finally, enjoy world class beaches and excellent snorkeling and diving just off shore.

Island life, not your thing? Try out the arctic thanks to the Svalbard treaty.

Svalbard Treaty:

Work Abroad


Located in the Arctic, this beautiful stretch of winter wonderland is only for the tough. Life here can be difficult with severe weather patterns and high costs.  Your endurance will be rewarded with awe-inspiring mountain ranges and the northern lights illuminating the horizon. Cost of living here can be high and it can often be difficult to find employment or housing.  Consequently, Svalbard is a location best suited for expats with higher bank accounts. To reside in Svalbard, you do not need a residence or work permit or a visa although you will be required to prove substantial funds to cover your stay.

Not ready to move forever? Try these options for shorter stays of six months to one year.

Work Abroad

Palau – 1 year:

Famous as an island vacation destination and as a host of the popular TV show Survivor, Palau has rightly earned its place on the list of island paradises.  Take a swim in a lake full of jellyfish for a picture perfect photo available only in few places on the globe.  Lounge in a white, string hammock on the beach while wrapping up a day’s work. Palau tourism features diving and snorkeling, making it an ideal location for scuba diving instructor positions.

Work Abroad

Albania – 1 year:

Often overlooked by travelers in favor of its more popular Alp nation neighbors, Albania provides untouched mountain paradise without the crowds.  Spend a year working surrounded by the towering peaks and enjoy refreshing dips in cool, mountain lakes.  You’ll have no problem planning out your down time with hiking, mountain biking, and city life all within easy reach.

Dominica – 6 months

Live a simple life in a more sustainable way by heading to Dominica. Sporting a large Christian and conservative population, modest dress and discrete behavior are a way of life here. Featuring a low cost of living, explore the rainforest, eat fresh produce and enjoy the island life time.

Work Abroad

Cayman Islands – 6 months:

Known globally for its world class diving, the Cayman Islands allow maximum enjoyment of island life. American citizens can live and work for up to 6 months without visas or permits.  Stay on Grand Cayman for bustling city life. On the other hand, head to one of the 2 smaller islands for a more local, laid back feel.


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