Hydrapak Stash Review

Best Water Bottle for Minimalist Travel – Hydrapak Stash Review

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One of my all time favorite travel items is the Hydrapak Stash. As a company, Hydrapak is focused on creating better hydration solutions for the adventure driven.   The design and innovation of their products reflects their mission to create rugged reliable products you can take anywhere on earth.  Read on for my Hydrapak Stash review and all of its features! 

Hydrapak Stash ReviewWhy The Hydrapak is So Great:

What’s so great about the Hydrapak Stash is that it is ideal for minimalist travellers and long distance hikers.  In a world where we are constantly working to simplify our lives, the Hydrapak Stash is a game changer. In a market where most collapsible bottles are designed like hydration bladders, this bottle is designed in the traditional bottle style.  This means that the Hydrapak Stash provides the benefits of lightweight, durable materials all within the normal shape of a bottle.

When I was looking for a water bottle to take long distance hiking and for our backpacking trip to Asia, I struggled to find a good fit.  Bottles were either flimsy, too bulky, or not durable enough for the type of mountain adventures we go on.  It wasn’t until I stumbled upon the Hydrapak that I actually got excited about a water bottle. Most other options have little design and look more like deflated plastic bags or are way to heavy. The Hydrapak Stash hit the sweet spot with elegant design, rugged materials, and its collapsibility.  This allows us to save both weight and space within our 40L backpack constraints.


Durable Materials:

I’ve dragged my bottle across granite mountains in Desolation Wilderness, on mountain biking adventures in Thailand, and kayaking trips in the Andaman Sea and the bottle still looks good as new! The bottle is made of flexible 100% BPA and PVC free thermoplastic polyurethane making this a great option for adventurers and also the health conscious. The RF welded seams mean this bottle can stand up to the test of time and durability is its expertise.


The bottle collapses down into one fifth the size of its filled size. Collapsing the bottle is easy with a twist and click operation to close.  Opening it back up is just as easy with a simple push to pop open after removing the cap.  This feature is why it is ideal for minimalist travelers looking to save space with every item.

Size and Lightweight:

The Hydrapak Stash comes in two size options, the 750ML and the 1L allowing for all day light-weight hydration. The bottle weighs .19 lbs and collapses to a height of 4 inches, making it an exceptional option for travel.  We love the ability to bring the collapsed bottle through security and then fill up with water before long flights once at the gate.

Bail Handle:

The tough strap surrounding the mouth of the bottle makes it easy to strap it onto your pack.  The strap is also comfortable enough to carry it in your hand for easy carrying on the go.  This strap is almost unbreakable, we’ve used and abused it and there is not even a single crack in it.


There is no bad taste and washing is easy. I wash mine with warm soapy water and lemon and have no issues with smell or taste, even after years of use.  There can be a bit of discoloration if you leave it out in the sun, but it doesn’t seem to have any effect on the durability or use of the bottle.

I’ve taken the Hydrapak Stash everywhere from backcountry trips to sub-zero temperatures in Russia to a year-long trip around Asia. The Hydrapak Stash is a bottle that will stick with you and perform on any adventure anywhere in the world.

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