Visit the Most Gorgeous Lake in Guatemala – Lake Atiltan

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Guatemala is increasingly on the bucket list of backpackers everywhere and it’s not surprising why. With gorgeous places like Semuc Champey, volcanoes, and Lake Atitlan, Guatemala can keep you busy for months! Find out what a trip to Lake Atitlan has to offer with our Best of Lake Atitlan Guatemala Travel Guide!

Lake Atitlan Guatemala Travel Guide

Being Guatemalan, I have a special love for Guatemala and particularly Lake Atitlan, which is one of my favourite places in the world.  There is something magical about being surrounded by four towering volcanoes as you watch the sunset over a glimmering Lake Atitlan.  Famous for epic sunsets and surrounded by towns with their own unique vibe, Lake Atitlan has something for every traveller.

San Marcos La Laguna

San Marcos is a hippie lover’s dream.  Here, you will find countless yoga retreats, meditation opportunities, and other soul searching activities.  Take a stroll down the alleys and find things like crystal and quartz jewellery, weavings and dream catchers.  Further, make sure to keep an eye out for the large black Newfoundland who’s become a staple of the town.  He can be seen wandering the street and will follow you on your adventures.  To spice things up, you can top it all off with a little cliff jumping from the Trampoline.  Furthermore, this 9m high platform is the perfect place to take a leap and cool off in the waters of Lake Atitlan.

Lake Atitlan Guatemala Travel GuideSan Pedro La Laguna

If you’re looking for a more action, hop on one of the boat taxis and head over to San Pedro.  In particular, this little town is famous for its bars, drinks, and nightlife.  Sitting on the peninsula right at the base of the San Pedro Volcano, this town is a popular spot for value accommodations and entertainment.  A stay in this town will offer the experience son African drumming, fire performers, and art classes.   Definitely, walk up away from the shoreline and you’ll see indigenous locals harvesting coffee beans and socialising at the local market.

Lake Atitlan Guatemala Travel GuidePanajachel

By and large, the most well known city in Atitlan, this town lies at the entrance to the lake area if you are coming from Guatemala City or Antigua.  Walking this small town, you’ll encounter indigenous locals on the street weaving gorgeous cloths, selling souvenirs, and offering delicious treats.


There are accommodation options for everyone in Lake Atitlan, from small and affordable hostels to luxurious houses like the Casa Colibri and hotels like Casa Polopo.  Case Colibri provided the most wonderful stay for my family when we all united in Guatemala for vacation.  We were lucky enough to stay with some wonderful friends in their beautiful apartment overlooking the lake close to Panajachel.  Treated to gorgeous sunsets views, we were spoiled on our stay in Atitlan!

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