Thailand Impressions

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Keep reading to find out my impressions of Thailand so far!

So we’ve been in Thailand about a month.  We’re enjoying exploring the islands here near Phuket and trying to stay dry during the end of monsoon season.  I’m in love with how cheap everything is, the beaches, and it’s been a great start to our year over here.  As usual, I have plenty of thoughts on what we’ve experienced so far, so check it out!

Falling in Love With Countries:

The process of visiting a new country for me is usually the same. I’m pretty dazed the first week, depressed halfway through the second week, and by the third week I’ve decided I will move here and live here forever. Forever is pretty relative to me, and usually ends up being fairly short in normal people time. Thailand has been no different in terms of my usual process.  I saw a quote the other day that said “I haven’t been to a country that I haven’t fallen in love with; whether it be for 10 minutes or 10 years”. I’m pretty sure Thailand is in my 10 month category or at least somewhere around there.


Just lounging in my hammock cooling off with a cold Chang!

Heat, Humidity, and More Heat:

We all know that I don’t really enjoy the heat very much. Give me -20 degree weather, a cute coat, leather boots, and a polar bear and I’m a happy girl. Really though, it is so much better to be cold because you can always put on more layers. When it’s insanely hot, you can only take so much off. And trust me, I have nothing else to take off, at least not without getting arrested.  Don’t worry though, apparently hammocks make everything better.  So I’ll just be melting over her in my hammock, beer in hand, if you need me.

Things I Miss:

I think I’ll make this a permanent section in each of my country posts because I find it highly entertaining. There are of course the usual items like In N Out, peanut butter, and real bacon. Now I’ve added a few more. I’d pretty much kill for some cold Tahoe tap water, cold, crisp mountain air, and wine. Holy shitballs, wine is expensive here. Like $10 for the cheapest wine you can think of. You know, the kind that burns when you swallow and you could swear it’s actually vinegar? That kind. Oh how I miss my Parisian days. I even broke down and bought a wine cooler the other day.  I’m fairly certain grape juice is really just wine coolers that parents give their kids to keep them mellow.  They taste EXACTLY the same.  I prefer my grapes with alcohol, thank you very much.  And Bacon; it’s smaller than French apartments. Seriously. I wish I was kidding.  Anyway, gotta put my big girl pants on and get over it; lucky for me, Thai food more than makes up for the things I miss.


Some delicious seafood pad thai and a deliciously cold pineapple shake!

Thai Food:

Let’s just get this one out of the way because honestly, it is not a surprise. Everyone who has ever been to Thailand comes back talking about the food and trust me, it does not disappoint. Gavin and I have been going to the Karon Street Market every Tuesday and Saturday where we eat everything from grasshoppers to egg rolls, and Pad Thai. Our favorite eatery is the Pad Thai Shop; a small family owned restaurant that serves the best food on the planet. For 50 Baht ($1.50), you get a massive amount of food and it is to die for. We’ve had everything from their Prawn Pad Thai to Chicken Pad See Ew. It’s really a glorified food shack and the whole family runs the restaurant just off their back porch. It’s authentic, delicious, and a common hangout for the local Thai lunch crowd.

Thai People:

On one early morning walk, Gavin and I were greeted by every shopkeeper with a friendly “Good morning”. The people here are just like their country: sunny, warm, and welcoming. Always willing to help, offer directions, and share knowledge; it is easy to find hidden treasures in Thailand if you just ask the locals.


The local dog at our hotel in Phuket was my favourite 🙂

Thai Dogs:

Obviously dogs are my favorite and even if they have rabies here, I’ll pet any friendly looking dog. Luckily for me, the condominium here has two that belong to the staff and hang out on the grounds all day. There are a decent amount of strays, but youll also find lots of establishments that take care of them. The 7/11 closest to us has two cats that hang outside the front door, deigning to wake up and meow only if they think you’ll actually feed them.


An amazing sunset off the coast of Koh Pha Ngan Thailand!


As much as I hate the heat, I love beaches even if that may seem contradictory. Thailand has no shortage of beautiful beaches with turquoise waters. My favourite here near Karon is Nai Harn beach just north of the Promthep Cape point. We ride the moped over the hills, past the elephant trekking companies and down to the beautiful white sand beach.

So if you take away the heat, give me back my wine, and just let me eat Pad Thai with the locals at the market; Thailand is pretty awesome! We’ve got another two months here so updates to come!

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