Morocco: Camels, Mint Tea, and Souks

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Morocco: A place known for its camels, mint tea, and souks lives up to a traveler’s dream destination expectations!  Read more about my adventures in Marrakech here!

Morocco has been an up and coming travel destination.  This was demonstrated by the herd of Americans without any concept of travel on our flight. Let’s just say that if you argue with the foreign currency exchange desk that they aren’t giving you the official stated exchange rate on your cell phone, this may be your first rodeo.

Arriving in Morocco:

Arrival in Morocco is straightforward with no visa necessary for Americans or Swiss citizens. The lines can be a bit long, even when we visited in the off-season, but nothing too terrible. Good to know a bit of French as the customs guy seemed to only want to speak with me in French. Although if your wearing skin tight leather leggings, to match your all white furry luggage, and stripper heels you can talk to the security while batting your eyelashes and use the diplomatic passport line instead. You’d be surprised by the things I’ve seen and try to forget!

Morocco: Camels, Mint tea, and Souks

Moroccan Mint Tea at Riad Bahia Salam


Once in Morocco, you are basically free to do anything you want! Several sketchy looking dudes throughout the trip offered me cocaine so I guess they thought I needed a pick me up! This is fairly common in the Souks ,which are worth exploring for the amazing array of spices, leathers, and trinkets. Regardless of your preference for the synthetic snow, something you definitely need to try is Moroccan mint tea. Just like France doomed me from ever being able to eat bread or pastries anywhere else, you’ll never want tea from anywhere except Morocco after you have their mint tea. It’s better than cocaine, trust me.

Camel ride through the Palmerie

Camel ride through the Palmerie


Even better than their tea? Their camels! Even though they have a reputation for being spitting bastards, their really quite like puppies. Very large, unpredictable, and not very soft puppies. I usually don’t advocate interacting too close to wildlife (like the sleeping tigers, elephants, etc). However, there are several places in Morocco that do take good care of their animals. It is important to keep in mind however that American standards of pet care and those all over the world are much different. If you’re hesitant to ride the camels, do some research first and then make a decision. If you do decide to do it, it is a great experience. Although it is useful to plan a proper outfit as I ended up with a massive hole in my jeans. Apparently grinding against a box for an hour is not the stress test used during jeans production.

There are also several excellent excursions from Marrakech including trips to the Sahara dunes, Atlas Mountains, and to see the production of Moroccan oil. I will definitely return and will come prepared with proper pants and a whole empty suitcase for Moroccan tea.



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